Funday Sucked! Asin, Seriously!

Okay, so I waited till Saturday to make this post because of one thing. Funday. And to say it flopped would be an understatement. Literally. I don’t know whose worse, the students, the teachers or the parents?!? Nobody even went to the stalls which had so much food, drinks, candy, jewellery and some other sick stuff. That wasn’t even the bad part, there was some guy selling some lovely suya that he took the time to cut all the meat up and nobody even bothered to buy it. That still wasn’t even the bad part! There were these guys who came to perform some songs and well let’s just say we are not having any concerts in my school anytime soon. These two guys called Trip City were the first guys who came to perform and only less than ten people were standing up to even watch them perform, the others were just sitting down on canopies and staring blankly like fools! And can you believe we had to pay 100k for that! The second people who performed were SFA(super fly academy). We even had to call people to watch them perform! They got on stage and when they started, like I said before only some girls were dancing and the organisers. Apart from that people were just staring blankly,again like major fools! After the performance, one of the guys from SFA (who is my friend) told me that was the deadest crowd they had ever performed for! Do you know how that feels?
Then to top it all off, the stupid disco/after party we were supposed to have was cancelled by the principal of the school. Why?!? We may never know but it was really the after party most people were coming for, not the funday and in the end it flopped. We even tried to get the teachers to go home before day students started their own but they were taking long and it started to dull. I couldnt even get some mad grindz, only a few. So I had no other choice but to get off my ass and go home at 6pm because I have lost hope in that school. Seriously.


Back To Normal As Usual Sucks!

Ok, so it’s been one week since I got back from the shortest midterm ever! Things went back to normal as usual which, as you know by now sucks! You see the same people, the same teachers, the same guys with fat lips (big lebe). I mean, can’t at least one thing change? Is that too much to ask. Anyway, good thing I’m not in grade 12 cause that means I would be having mock exams next week, sucks to be you guys if you’re reading this! No seriously, sucks to be you guys right now.Humor Blogs
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Midterm Break Too Short!

So, this week has been quite relaxed for me because of midterm break than it usually is that’s why I havent really had anything to post for a while but anyway it still sucks because it’s only for two days! I don’t even have enough time away from that prison called school!! Seriously my mind needs more time to reflect on my crappy result! ‘Sigh’.
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Midterms were horrible!!

This time thank God it’s really Friday! Midterm exams are over! Wow, but I have to say these were the worst midterm exams I have Ever had and I place emphasis on EVER!!
From Monday till Friday all I did was read for tests I only managed to get average scores on. I mean what the hell?!? All I need right now is for a hole to swallow up my result because I’m more than dead if my parents see it. You know what? Dead is an understatement, Extinction should be a more appropriate term. If you still feel any remorse for me and have human emotion in your bone, leave a comment

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This Week Sucked!

Hey guys, it’s another weekend and i haven’t been able to post for a while because the Internet was out but now it’s back on and here’s a quick rundown of how my week went:

Monday: Sucked

Tuesday: Sucked

Wednesday: I think there’s hope!

Thursday: Crap

Friday: Oh, forget it!

The only thing that makes this weekend really good is the fact that I did not have early Saturday classes! Woohooo! But the sad part is that I’m having midterm exams next week. Awwww, flapjacks!!………

TGIF! Sucks!

Thank God It’s Friday, yep, another weekend where I can finally relax and chill,but No! this Friday would have been complete and it would be so and I mean soooo much better if I didnt have to go to school for extension classes on Saturday morning!!for 2 hours! (I know) What. The. Hell. I pray for patience to be able to endure this and not to rip apart the heads of my teachers bit by tiny bit… I mean cmon to make it even worse I live farrrrr away from my school and have to go there five days of the week for 12-14 weeks straight and now you want me to come again for more torture on Saturday?!! That’s all I have for this week, I’ll keep you posted on the crappy events of my life as they unfold.

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