Valentines Sucks!

So I’ve not updated in a few days but happy vals day to everyone out there! I’m not really into the hype of it but at least you have to show love to some people. Today was actually pretty good 4 me BUT… I had a chance to make out with a chick and I blew it (I know) Sh**.I even went as far as making a card from scratch, buying her perfume, a huge teddy bear and all that vals day crap and ¬†what do i get in return?? “A hug”… But that’s all I really have 4 today I’ll keep you guys posted, thanks and please leave a comment!


A Teacher in my School Sucks!

So last week, I sent some people a link to check out my blog and some teacher in my school, for security purposes we’ll came him Duncan , came up to me and said he checked out my blog. I said “cool what did you think”, then he said he could be my next “obinna”, he said instead of making a blog I should have built up muscles and fought off the bullies. But really you know what I think of that? Efffffff him! Just because he does taekwando (and is buff) he thinks he’s a hotshot! Well I told him I would write about him on my blog and he said he would beat me up. So it then occured to me that he didn’t understand the point of my blog.Well mr, Duncan you can go suck it cause this is here for everyone to see!!


2nd post

So i guess this is my second post, like since ever and I’ll be updating weekly I suppose since I now have the word press app for iPad it’s gonna be much easier to do than before and on the weekends I’ll update more.

Hello Weird World!

My name is J. why the point of this blog? i made this because we all have that obinna/bully in our highschools and general lives. Here we can discuss about those jerks and our experiences with them with no strings attached or any fear our “obinna(s)” coming out to get us.Thanks and please leave a comment!

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